Eternal Truth Needs A Human Language That Alters With The Spirit Of The Times.

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Carl Jung, the Swiss Psychiatrist, created the quotation that begins this article. The spirit of the times is in a constant state of flux. It changes and evolves as we do, often unknowingly due to our evolution. What was once acceptable by society might be deemed inappropriate now, and vice versa.

Every so often, there are moments where the spirit of the time has changed enough that it becomes necessary for people to learn a new language to understand eternal truths. In Jung’s eyes, this is because translating what he deems “eternal truth” into words without having it change meaning is impossible. He believes that every human being should strive for understanding eternal truths because they can’t fully grasp them otherwise – but not by using any old language. If you don’t use a language that changes with the spirit of the time, meaning will be lost.

It’s hard to understand eternal truths without an understanding of how one spirit can change and evolve as we do. This makes it necessary for people to change and evolve their language as new ideas, new concepts, and new activities become apparent.

What is an eternal truth?

Simply, eternal truth is an entity or proposition that can be true at all times. That’s to say it would have no relation with time whatsoever- always and necessarily so!

The answer to life’s ultimate question is eternal truth. It transcends time, always existing and being true no matter what happens in history or how long ago it was first posited as an idea by philosophers of old!

Eternal truths do not change, sometimes people are not aware of these truths. They have a framework of beliefs and actions that have prevented them from discovering the truth.

Finding the truth

I spent a LOT of time thinking that I had all the answers to my problems, and the problems of others. I was wrong. I do not know everything.

I had to be willing to change my thoughts and my interaction with other people to discover where I had gone off the rails. I needed guidance.

Here’s an eternal truth that I’ve discovered “The more I learn, the less I know.” As I ask more questions about the truth and who I am, it uncovers more questions.

Searching for truths has sent me on a long journey. A couple of years ago I was going to leave a job and travel the world. I wanted to explore, see new landscapes and meet new people.

The truth is I was trying to run away from my problems. I thought a fresh start would enable me to change.

It wasn’t going to work. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know the truth about what it meant to be me.

As Covid spread throughout the world, travel was restricted. I wasn’t going anywhere geographically. Once I accepted that my plans to run and hide had been totally derailed, I got off the pity pot and I chose to explore the innermost parts of my mind. I became introspective. I learned a new way of thinking.

I asked for help.

I found assistance and guidance amongst a fellowship of like-minded souls that had a similar problem. I found some of the answers that I was looking for and I put those suggestions into action.

As I practice at living a better life and practice at doing “the next right thing”, I’ve found that my communication skills and my linguistic skills have changed. The truth is still the same, I express it differently.

What is my eternal truth

I had to change. The path that I was on was destructive to myself and others. My actions would cause harm to my body, my mind, and my soul. The journey wasn’t pleasant. It was a constant battle between my addiction and trying to escape from that addiction.

The truth is I needed help and I had to be willing to listen and then to act.

The spirit of the times is one of change, it is an evolution of my spirit. Undoing the bad takes time. Like learning a new skill, it takes practice. Nobody runs onto a football pitch for the first time and wins the world cup.

I have to keep seeking the truth – my truth – if it takes an eternity, so be it.

I hope that you are encouraged to seek your truth. It may be good, it may be bad. You won’t know until you look and embrace it.

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