Tenacity, Persistence & Opportunity Lead To Happiness.

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“We are all capable of doing more than we think. The only limits to our potential are the ones we impose on ourselves.”

Do you believe that everything has a possibility of opportunity? If so, then I hope you will agree with what is going to be expressed in this article. We all have opportunities and we should take advantage of them. When opportunity presents itself, we should see it as a chance of success instead of failure. Because opportunity can easily turn into something that helps ourselves, and most importantly, helps others.

Dream big. Act bigger!

Don’t be afraid to dream big and take chances in life, because you never know! As long as you believe in yourself and keep trying, the opportunity is there for the taking. There will always be some pitfalls and problems along the way, but we should always remember that opportunity can be at our doorstep and we just need to open the door.

If opportunity knocks on your door, don’t be afraid to open up and step outside. If opportunity does not knock on your door, make sure you go out and find it yourself by moving forward in life! Opportunities exist when we seek them, you will need to find out what people need so that you can help them.

Opportunity exists where people meet and ideas are shared.

The old coffee shops of medieval England were a place to do business, learn of innovations and share new insights into being successful. Voyages of discovery were seeded and grown in these places. New opportunities arose because someone saw the potential in a new idea.

Today, we see young people sharing and commenting on social media. TikTok and Instagram are 21st-century coffee houses. Ideas come and go, some things fall out of fashion and people are often on the lookout for the next big thing.

Here’s an example of an opportunity. During the California and Klondike gold rushes of the 19th Century, many people saw an opportunity to discover gold. They were motivated by the thoughts of wealth, fame, and fortune. In reality, many of those prospectors barely scraped a living. They were panning for gold, sieving through the spoil heaps, and playing the lottery of claiming land that may have a gold deposit.

The consistently successful people were the owners of trading posts and general stores that sold pickaxes, dynamite, and food and supplies to the prospective gold diggers.

The obvious opportunity may not be the most profitable. Find out what is needed to keep the ‘rainbow chasers’ happy and you’ll find a nice successful niche.

Golden success

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

Some of those gold diggers did hit the motherlode and they became very wealthy. The trick here is to look at opportunities through some smart glasses. Not everything will make you rich, some things may impoverish you, what is needed is the willingness to carry on even when things are tough – the willingness to die trying.

That opportunity will continually motivate us to achieve great and greater heights if we just believe in our abilities. To dream big and achieve big, opportunity is a necessity. Opportunity doesn’t mean you will succeed all the time, but always give it a chance and opportunity will always be there!

“I intend to live forever, or die trying.”

This quotation has been stated by many individuals throughout history, but I find it inspirational because of its meaning. If we have opportunity in life, we should always seize it and never let it go.

People don’t like doing things such as schoolwork when they would rather be doing something fun instead. But if you look at the opportunity you have in front of you, I believe everyone can succeed whether or not they want to do it.

Opportunity doesn’t only mean schoolwork. It can be for anything that we want to achieve in life, and opportunity will provide us with this opportunity. You just have to grab it and never let go.

Opportunity doesn’t come and go and the opportunity you missed might not ever happen again! So seize opportunity every day because opportunity is always there.

Don’t give up!

on’t stop trying and never give up no matter what life throws your way. We all have a lot of things going for us and we should not ignore those things. If the opportunity presents itself, take it as s sign that something good could happen. New contacts and relationships can open a lot of new doors. You never know it might lead you to success or happiness.

We should always be motivated in life and we should at least do what makes us happy, even if others don’t understand our motives. When opportunity presents itself, we need to be ready for it and take a good look at where it is leading us. Is wealth more valuable than health? I think I’ll leave that discussion for another article!

Failure is not a bad thing. It is how we learn how NOT to do something.

Failure provides us with a learning opportunity. Just don’t give up and stay focused on the opportunity that may be in front of you at this very moment! Learning new skills takes time and practice and opportunity and patience and it will be beneficial for you in the long run.

I can’t handle the rejection. I’m about to give up!

Rejection is something that all of us must go through in life. It can be difficult to handle but by following these few simple steps you should be able to cope with rejection better and not let it beat you down.

The first step is to acknowledge the opportunity for improvement. A lot of people will take this opportunity as a negative thing, but you have to look at it as a positive opportunity for improving skills, relationships and abilities.

For example, if you are rejected from your job then you can use that opportunity to reflect on what went wrong and how you will improve yourself. This step alone boosts your morale because your mind will believe that there is something better out there for you.

Next, you need to acknowledge the opportunity for an everlasting opportunity. You have to realize that just because you were rejected from your job doesn’t mean that there isn’t something better out there.

Don’t give up hope if you are rejected, instead embrace it and learn from it. This opportunity will open doors for other opportunities in the future. Sooner or later one of those doors will open and you’ll be able to walk through it.

You will need tenacity and persistence. You have to learn to keep going even when the opportunity seems unlikely. As long as you have the opportunity for improvement, a chance for a better opportunity, and a willingness to search out opportunities, then you should find yourself on the way towards success, and maybe, in the eyes of others, to living forever.

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  1. This is a very informative, positive, and uplifting post. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Amazing tips and very motivating post. “Never give up”


    1. Thankyou! I hope that my other posts offer encouragement and motivation too 🙂


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