Only by learning to live in harmony with your contradictions can you keep it all afloat

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Sometimes we have to reconcile our emotions, thoughts and feelings in order to understand why we feel certain ways. This quote is about learning to accept all of your contradictions so you can keep it together and who knows-this could be a moment of enlightenment.

How do you become more creative if you’re not as intelligent as most people? How do you stay positive when there’s too much negativity around us these days? How do we deal with the feeling that everything is becoming overwhelming or chaotic?

How do you deal with the feeling that nothing will ever change?

There are contradictions in everything, and it’s how we deal with these differences that define who we are.

We all feel differently about different things at different times for various reasons. We may think one thing when someone is in need of help after an accident but another when the same person isn’t injured at all-why?

People aren’t always going to do what’s expected of them or behave how we think they should.

Learn to live with the contradictions since there’s no other way

The world is a chaotic place and it seems as though nothing is constant except change-even that is constantly evolving.

Yes, everything feels overwhelming sometimes but the only way to reconcile those feelings is by learning to accept those contradictions. Don’t fight them or try to change them because you can’t. We don’t choose how we feel, we just feel.

You won’t be able to explain everything but accept that things are changing and try not to let those changes overwhelm you so much that your emotions take over your rational thoughts.

Why is it important to understand how we feel and to be aware of our thoughts?

Perhaps the best answer is that, by understanding how we feel and why, we are better able to shape our thoughts. Our thoughts often control how we feel-our emotions are amplified if we think about things that make us angry or sad, while our moods can lift simply by thinking of something happy. So by understanding how we think and why, we’re in a better position to change the way we feel.

One way in which this reconciliation might take place is through ’emotional reconciliation’. This reconciliation happens when an individual has two different opposite emotions about a similar event- for example being relieved because they found their lost keys but slightly upset because someone was mean to them.

How can you reconcile your emotions?

People deal with these conflicts in many different ways- some people try to look on the bright side, or rationalize it somehow. Another way is to talk about it with others and get their perspectives on how they might feel if they were in a similar situation.

When there’s too much negativity around us, it can be difficult to stay positive. One way to do this is by keeping in mind that negativity is just another side of the coin.

Another way is by remembering that negative events are usually over quickly while the good ones last longer-a bad mood usually lasts for about an hour while feelings of happiness can last up to three hours.

A great way to stay positive is to always remember that things will get better and it will all balance out eventually. You also need to stop worrying so much because it only makes things more difficult for you.

The reconciliation of thoughts and actions

Another way to keep things going is by reconciling our thoughts with our actions. This means that each action we take should be the result of a thought-for example, if we want to eat something but know it’s bad for us, we could think first about how eating healthy foods makes us feel better and then come to a reconciliation that makes us feel good about our choice.

This reconciliation helps us to understand that we can ‘do’ things without always having to act on those ideas immediately-this gives us time for reconciliation of thoughts, emotions and feelings before deciding how to act.


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Reconciliation helps us to understand why we feel certain ways and opens the door for redefining. This redefining helps to balance out the body, mind, and soul because it allows the body to be in sync with the needs of the mind and vice versa.

This reconciliation can lead to enlightenment because it helps us understand why we feel certain ways and opens the door for furhter mental, physical and spiritiual growth so that as circumstances change, we can keep it all afloat.

All in all, reconciliation of thoughts and actions is when you accept your emotional contradictions, body mind and soul. This reconciliation allows us to ‘do’ things without always acting on those ideas immediately. This reconciliation can lead to enlightenment because it helps understand why we feel certain ways.

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