A life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit

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This adage comes from a poem by Kahlil Gibran . It can be interpreted as the importance of love in our life. We all need love to be happy and fulfilled. Love can come from many different sources such as family, friends, romantic partners, and pets.

A little bit about Gibran…

Gibran Khalil Gibran was an influential Lebanese-American writer, poet, and artist who rejected the title “philosopher” to instead identify himself as just a “writer.” He is best known for his 1923 book The Prophet which has been translated into more than 100 languages worldwide despite being published outside of America in its original Arabic form.

Salma Khadra Jayyusi has called him “the single most important influence on Arabic poetry and literature during the first half of the twentieth century,” which makes him not just a poet but also an author. Gibran wrote about different themes in his books, exploring diverse forms like short stories or essays; He often switched between these styles to explore new ideas with ease while keeping people hooked all at once!

Relationships, like trees, need time to grow. They need to be nurtured and tended to with care and compassion. Love is the foundation that helps our relationships flourish. Many of us crave love and affection but can also be very hesitant to trust or allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We sometimes find it difficult to let the people we care about know how much they mean to us, afraid that they might not feel the same way.

When we fail to communicate how much someone means to us, we often lose them. The relationship may end for various reasons, but the main one is that we failed to be honest about how much they meant to us. When we truly love someone, it’s difficult for us not to express it. We may make excuses for not saying what we feel because of our fears, but these feelings are often obvious to the people close to us.

We should never feel as though we need to hide our feelings. Keep in mind that love is an action and not just a feeling. Here are some signs that you are in the right relationship…

When does a relationship feel right? When is there love?

No questions

1. You don’t feel like you need to question or wonder if this relationship is right for you. It just feels natural and goes along with your life journey. There are many signs that this is the right relationship for you. Besides being happy, there’s no worry about doubting your partner or wondering if they’re cheating on you.


2. The relationship makes you happier than you’ve ever been before. Even when things are hard, the relationship keeps things in perspective because it always comes back to love. I can remember having a rough time at work, and someone that loves me told me to take things easy. They said that I should focus on the important things in life and not worry too much about what doesn’t matter as much.


3. You feel safe to express yourself in the relationship, even when it’s difficult. You can share things with your partner that you might not be able to tell other people. They’re always there for you and they don’t judge!


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4. The relationship encourages you to discover your true self and gives you room to grow. A loving relationship will allow you to open up your mind. A significant other, spouse, partner, will also give you the chance to meet new friends who have different personalities, beliefs, and ideas.


5. The relationship is based on friendship, love, trust, truth, commitment, mutual caring for one another, and teamwork. It’s very important to have these qualities for a healthy long-term relationship. Although it may not seem like it, these qualities are a sign of love.

No Games

6. There are no games, mind-reading or manipulation. That’s right, there are no games! Love is honest, appreciative, and supportive.


7. There is a deep sense of respect and appreciation for one another’s relationship boundaries and relationship individuality. You are both respectful of each other’s relationship needs, relationship independence, relationship goals, and relationship dreams. There is no relationship control or jealousy.


8. You can communicate your needs clearly to one another without fear of experiencing judgment or rejection. Your relationship agreements are clear and defined beforehand. You can share your relationship expectations and both of you are happy with them.


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9. The relationship nurtures both individuals’ relationship boundaries and relationship individuality. You are both responsible for keeping your relationship strong, even when you might be tempted to act in different ways. The relationship is not one-sided and both of you are willing to give and take.


10. You love your relationship unconditionally. When you love others, it’s easy to love yourself because you are connected. You know that this relationship is right for you and that you can grow together.

The ten things listed above are the blossoms and fruit of a tree that has been cared for; a tree that has been nurtured; a tree that has has to take a few knocks; a tree that has had to overcome some difficulties; a tree that has endured drought and the occasional periods of stagnation. Sometimes bigger plans have to be put on hold to solve immediate problems.

A life with love can bloom into a fantastic and rewarding experience. Where there is love, its light pushes cynicism, doubt, and mistrust into the shadows. Love can provide a great feeling of happiness and joy. It is also a foundation to living a contented, harmonious life.

Nurturing, commitment and love are all aspects that can make a relationship work. You may be wondering what nurturing your relationship entails? It means being there for each other in difficult times as well as good ones. It also means caring about the relationship you have with yourself so you always put both of those first before anything else. Commitment is important because it’s something you need to show if the relationship is going to go anywhere positive or last long term. If one person shows more commitment than another, then they’re probably not committed at all! Love is absolutely necessary for any type of relationship- romantic or otherwise- to thrive and survive past its early stages into a healthy long-term relationship where two people grow together instead of apart over time.

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