“You can go as far as you want to go, past all limitations and live a supremely victorious existence”

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You have the power to create your destiny. You may have setbacks in life, but you can always get back up on your feet again and keep going. ThisHappyHuman will show you that you may not always be so lucky, but this doesn’t mean you can’t live a happy and fulfilled life.

Your limitations have been carefully manufactured by you, or perhaps some other entity. But why should you be limited to only a certain number of choices? Why can’t you cross through all barriers and create a life that makes your heart soar with victory?

“You don’t need to feel like the victim in this game called existence”

You don’t always need to feel like the world is against you. Sometimes, you just need to breathe in some fresh air and remember that this existence of ours is infinitely versatile. The possibilities are endless.

Just remember, you will always find an infinite amount of doors that you can open and walkthrough. You just need to be willing to do so.

Start opening them now.

“You don’t need to agree with everything that happens in life because existence doesn’t ask for approval”

Your existence is unique because it belongs only to you. You don’t need to agree with everything that happens in life because your ongoing existence doesn’t ask for approval. You just simply need to navigate through the twists and turns of life and find yourself on the other side, peacefully smiling at all your new experiences.

Why not be positive? Why not choose your limitations? Why not create a supremely victorious life?

To create supreme victory, you must first reclaim your power back. Only then will you be able to live your life without boundaries and limitations because you won’t need them anymore. Defeat the nefarious forces that keep you feeling down about yourself and continue walking through all the doors of supreme victory.

You don’t have to remember all the doors you have opened. Just remember that supreme victory exists, and it is beautiful. It exists within you.

It’s time to get real with yourself and take full advantage of all the supreme victories life brings your way.

“You are the supreme victor in this game called life”

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So, get out there and work towards a supreme victory. It won’t appear out of anywhere, it takes effort on your part to make it happen. You will be supremely victorious if you get busy and take action.

You will be happy with this choice in no time! It is within you to decide victory or defeat. Do you want to be happy, contented, and at peace with your decisions?

Your life is waiting for you on the other side of every door, so don’t let anyone stop your progress! 

Some people will always have negative opinions about themselves but with a little faith in yourself, willingness to change, and to take action, victory over adversity can be achieved.

By taking action, you will become the supreme victor in this game called life.

The supreme victory of your life is waiting to be found so go ahead and discover your unlimited potential! 

“You have been supremely victorious from the moment you were born until right this very instant.”

Don’t get disheartened when you encounter set backs. Just remember that supreme victory exists and you will be able to get back up on your feet again.

It’s the belief that what we have in life is because of our efforts early on, that’s not entirely true. To keep moving forward we have to keep learning, practicing, and be willing to explore other opportunities.

You shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself if you find out you don’t have all the necessary skills, materials, or connections needed to make a specific life path work. The supreme victory of living a life full of hope and gratitude is always within reach.

Keep practicing by thinking positive thoughts every day and taking actions to go outside your comfort zone.

You can go as far as you want to go, past all limitations and live supremely victorious existence.

“A supreme victory is a life filled with hope and gratitude.”

Why is Gratitude important?

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Victory is not about being self-centered and egotistical. The victory is about finding a role in the world that matches our ethics and morals and brings contentment, comfort, and confidence.

Showing gratitude gives us the ability to see what we have rather than looking at what we don’t which is common in people who are unemployed, unsuccessful, or alone. Gratitude helps us focus on what we do have, not what we don’t.

“Life is supremely victorious when you know your purpose and stay fully focused on the fulfillment of that purpose.”

When you find your supreme purpose, it will be because others have given you directions. The signposts and suggestions of other supreme people will have led you to opportunities you’d never have considered. Showing gratitude for their guidance is a supreme and wonderful act. Without them, you wouldn’t be on the way towards your supreme victory.

Pay it forward

As you progress towards your won supreme victory, others will ask how you are achieving successes and victories that they can only stare at with awe and wonder. Be the signpost. Give them the guidance that they need.

They have to make the journey for themselves. You cannot walk it for them. You can point them in the right direction. You can point them to the road that leads inexorably back to themselves.

They may not know where they’re going but you can be supremely confident and self-assured because you can show them and pick them up when they occasionally stumble and fall.

Like a powerful magnet, your supreme confidence will attract others who are either already on their journey of self-discovery. Some people will try to undermine you. That’s ok. They have not yet learned how to be confident in their own abilities and are still at a stage in their lives where it is easier for them to knock things down instead of building them up.

Jealousy, spite, and resentment are the tools of an immature mind. Age is not a factor in this. Many middle-aged and elderly people have not seen the light. They still choose the easy option because destruction is easier than construction.

Be the signpost for them too. Show them the way forward. They may not want to follow it. That’s not your problem.

And finally…

We are all champions in our own minds, but sometimes the world doesn’t see us that way. It is up to you to find out how your inner champion can be seen by others. You have unlimited potential and worth as a person, so don’t let anyone limit what you think of yourself or bring you down!

The good news is that you can overcome your limitations and negative thoughts. You don’t have to feel like a victim of circumstance, either – you are supremely victorious in difficult circumstances! Stay positive and keep moving forward because there is no obstacle too big when you believe in yourself!

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  1. Eri Tz says:

    I am with you 100% on this. A human can accomplish anything as long as he wants it enough and tries to make it happen. Every victory is 10% battles and 90% victorious mindset. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Eri!

      I have to think it, plan it and do it.

      Victory only happens with action.

      M 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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