It is never too late to be what you might have been

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No, it’s never too late to rediscover yourself and become who you want to be.

This quotation by George Eliot is an argument that no matter what mistakes you have made, it’s never too late to change for the better. We can always change for the better, even if it feels like there is no turning back. George Eliot argued in her book “Middlemarch” that mistakes are just moments of confusion which means they have never been too late to make amends.


For example, many people have regrets about the past, many people were young and stupid. Maybe you used to get in trouble with the law for doing all kinds of things like vandalism and other delinquent acts. As an adult now, though, you can try to be a positive influence on society by volunteering at events, embarking on altruistic projects, and donating to charity.

These actions will make you a better person by improving your character and allowing you to feel pride in knowing that you are doing good things for the world.


An argument that regardless of what mistakes you made before; it’s never too late. This idea conflicts with some people’s beliefs about themselves because we feel as though once our past transgressions were irreversible but then again others believe differently stating how everyone deserves another chance at redemption.

Career & Work

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For example, even if you did get into some trouble when trying to figure out who you are or what you wanted to be, that shouldn’t keep you from having a successful career. If your skills lack in certain areas based on your past mistakes, find ways to improve yourself so that your future employer will see the real potential of your abilities.

Social relationships

If you want to change your social status, instead of looking at it as an opportunity to improve yourself so you can feel confident about having good prospects in the future, think of it as changing who you are at a fundamental level. You may even be able to help other people because of the new perspective on life that you have gained.

The past can be hard to let go of. We often think about the “what if’s” and “should have’s”, tying ourselves up in knots about why we didn’t make other choices. These thoughts are natural but they do not help us learn from our mistakes or become better people.

Let it go

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Letting go of the past can be hard, but we must become better people. Don’t let past fears and regret hold you back. All we need do is move on from these thoughts which tie ourselves into knots. Leave the regretful emotions behind and look forward with a positive attitude towards life, living, and the love that you can share with others.

Abandoning regrets brings us closer towards living a happy life today – don’t let your old wounds drag you down any longer!!

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