A top ten list of hints and tips to overcome fear.

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Fear is a normal human emotion that almost everyone experiences. It occurs in response to impending danger, which could be emotional or physical in nature. The fear response comes from the “fight or flight” instinct and compels you to protect yourself in some way.

1. Identify the source of your fear

Try to identify the source of your fear. Is it a work situation? A social situation? Once you know, then search for solutions that might help you deal with it. For example, if meeting new people makes you nervous, try joining an activity group, or bring along friends that you already know and conquer fear.

2. Ask for help from a friend if you are feeling overwhelmed

We all feel overwhelmed at times and need help to overcome fear. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help from friends and family members when you need it, because they want nothing but the best for you!

3. Practice mindfulness to calm yourself down

There are many different ways to practice mindfulness, but one of the best ones is through breathing exercises. I recommend lying down and taking slow breaths in and out while concentrating on your breath.

4. Write out what scares you and then read it aloud while imagining that it didn’t happen 

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If you’re afraid of something, I recommend writing it down to overcome fear. Read what you wrote out loud to yourself with enthusiasm and pretend that your fear doesn’t exist anymore.

5. Face your fears head on – don’t let them control you

I always know that I’m ready for a challenge when I tell myself that it’s not as bad as I think. In fact, the only thing you’ll regret is if you don’t try! If you’re afraid of something, it’s better to face those fears sooner rather than later! Don’t let your fear control you – fear holds no power over us – do exactly what you want to do.

6. Talk about your fears with someone who can provide support and understanding

One of the best ways to get over your fear is by talking about it with a friend. Go ahead and try it! I know that it’s hard to confront your fears, but the only way to get over them is by talking about them. I remember when I was afraid of heights and my friend talked me through the problem until I felt better about it.

7. Take a break from fear-inducing situations by listening to your favorite song or taking a walk 

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I recommend you listen to your favorite song when you encounter a fear-inducing situation. It’s the easiest way to take a break from those feelings and get back into the rhythm of life again. A surefire way to overcome fear and anxiety is by taking a walk. This simple action helps you build up confidence in your ability to deal with anything that comes your way!

8. Remember that fear isn’t always rational and sometimes things feel scarier than they are.

The fear of the unknown is one of the biggest fears we have. But it’s not always rational, and sometimes things feel worse than they actually are.

Studies indicate that the amygdala, a part of the brain responsible for fear and emotion, reacts to things we consider scary even before our rational mind has time to think about them.

9. Stay focused on the present moment and try not to worry about anything that hasn’t happened yet

If you focus on the present moment and try to stay positive, you can have a better outlook on life. By staying present in the moment, you can avoid worrying about anything. Not only will it help you be happier now, but worry is also the source of many illnesses so if you don’t think about your problems now they won’t affect you later.

10. Keep going even when you want to.

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Even when you feel like giving up, keep going. It will be worth it in the end!

Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister during World War 2, gave some good advice “When you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Positive affirmations and powerful statements reduce fearful thoughts.

Fear is a normal human emotion that almost everyone experiences.

It occurs in response to impending danger, which could be emotional or physical in nature. Fear comes from the “fight or flight” instinct and compels you to protect yourself in some way with either fighting back against your fear by taking action or fleeing it through inaction. Different people have different reactions to fear depending on their perceptions of the event they are facing as well as how much control they feel over it. If you find that many aspects of your life cause you great anxiety because of this feeling, then take steps towards overcoming those fears. Follow the ten suggestions in this article and you will no longer need to be fearful! Follow us on twitter @ThisHappyHuman and subscribe using the form, below!

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  1. Fab tips. Facing fears head on is something I didn’t do for a long time, which made my anxiety worse and worse and worse. I’ve learned that lesson for sure!


    1. Thanks Jenny!

      Every step forward takes me a step further away from my anxious past. I have to be mindful of my thoughts. It is very easy for the “stinking thinking” to try and take over.

      I like the hard lessons. They’re a great opportunity to strive and to grow.



  2. AmethystAP says:

    Awesome post and tips on dealing with fear. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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