Humps and bumps

Good morning readers! How do I weather the bumps and humps of life? I know that dark days do not last. I know that difficulties can be overcome through action. To solve a problem I have to work at it. Some days aren’t great. Some days life turns around and bites me on the arse….

Podcast – How to change your attitude for the better

Hi! For those of you that prefer to listen, rather than read, here’s the audio podcast of today’s article. Anchor FM: And on YouTube:

How to change your attitude for the better

When something happens to you, the only thing in your power is your attitude towards it. You can either accept it or resent it. When something bad happens to you, it’s easy to fall into a feeling of resentment or even anger. But if you choose to accept your situation and try to make the…

An introduction to stoicism

Stoicism is a philosophy that encourages people to live in accordance with reason. Stoics believe that because humans are social creatures, they should be sociable and friendly. They should also do their best to improve other people’s lives, but not needlessly worry about things outside of their control.  Take a look at the following quotations…