When stopped, stay stopped!

Stopping drinking was easy. The fear of going through the DTs and withdrawal again put a halt to thoughts about drinking.

The problem was staying stopped. As the memory of the pain subsided, I had to find something that would prevent me from thinking I was ok and could have a drink. It’s been a slow process to find the answers.

First I had to understand the problem of why I wanted to drink. Once I had that, I could work on fixing the problem.

Recovery is an ongoing process.

I now recognise the symptoms of my addiction and can do something to stop those irritating thoughts turning into “fuck it” moment.

Alcohol is a poison. It kills my body, my mind and my soul.

I know that alcoholism is a tricky beast and sometimes it sings a very charming tune.

Get back in your box you devious, manipulative Siren! I’m not crashing into the rocks today!

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