The best burger.

I was asked on Reddit “What is the best burger you’ve ever had?”

I cast my mind back to some creative cookery I was doing a couple of years ago and remembered this…

My best burger was home made using 5% fat mince made from lean rump steak.

I added wholemeal bread crumbs while blending it with free-range egg, salt and black pepper.

A little bit of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco was dripped onto the beef while forming the patty.

I cooked that burger on the hottest, sizzling skillet I could use. The gas flames were roaring like a jet engine beneath that pan.

And here’s the real kicker, this made it amazing.

Trust me on this… Don’t add lettuce, there’s no need for green stuff, cheese or pickles.

Serve it on a hotcross bun that has been made with dark chocolate in the dough.

Thank me later 🍔

What was your best burger? Tell me about it in the comments.

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  1. Really appreciate your sharing a home-made make, Matt.

    Hot cross buns really do save the same purpose as brioche, Matt.

    [When I said SAVE I meant SERVE].

    Skillets are incredible.

    So are stones [hibachi style].

    My best burger would include tomatoes and beetroot, and, yes, green stuff.

    The specific green stuff may vary.

    Maybe the best burger I had was in 2015 in a town called Berry.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your best burger!

      2015 seems so long ago. Would you return to Berry for a second burger?


      1. I would, Matt.

        And probably for other reasons like art and craft.

        Another burger I had was a black squid burger from last year or the year before

        and, yes, it had a lot of seafood and seafood sauce in it.

        That would probably be my best seafood burger.

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