Failure is impossible

It’s impossible to achieve success without first experiencing failure. We all make mistakes, but it’s how we learn from them that determines our future. Failure is a part of life, and it’s important not to let it discourage us from pursuing our dreams. With hard work and determination, anything is possible. So don’t give up on your dreams – failure is impossible!

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What Susan B. Anthony’s quote means to me

Firstly, The importance of failure.

The notion that “failure is impossible” is a powerful statement that can help people push through difficult times and achieve great things. By refusing to give up, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to-no matter how difficult it may seem at first.

How to never give up on your dreams

Everyone has dreams and ambitions that they wish to accomplish. When we fail, we often feel as if those dreams are gone forever; however, failure is not an end; failure is an opportunity for us to learn and grow stronger. It’s easy to give up on our dreams when they don’t work out the first time, to some people it’s that first hurdle that gets them. They give up. With a strong mind we don’t fail at that first fence.

We may fail many times before we succeed, but it’s important to remember that failure should never stop us from trying again. The only way for failure to be impossible is through dedication and perseverance, which can help us achieve whatever we set our minds to do, no matter the odds.

What is failure?

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In life, setbacks and difficulties are inevitable. They will happen to everyone at some point in their lives. In order to pick yourself up from failure you need to know how failure works, why it happens, and also learn about the common types of failure.

Failure comes when we least expect it. Whenever we see failure coming up we try to take steps to avoid failure by working harder, being more dedicated, and being passionate.

A failing can be anything from the failure of ideas to failure of dreams or failure of relationships. Failure is impossible if you get over it quickly.

Failure can be a failure of perception. This is what happens when you don’t see that failure is the path to success.

Failure can come from a failure of judgment. It’s a failure in decision making which leads to a defeatist attitude. Our choices aren’t always the right ones. For example failure may occur through ‘giving up’ when we should have kept trying. We should strive to make the right decisions.

Failure can be a ‘failure in effort’ that leads to ‘failure in action’. The failure occurs when we give up ‘trying’ because nothing’s happening. The failure is in the lack of passion and dedication rather than the failure itself. Failure can also come from not working hard enough or not putting in the work it takes to succeed.

Quotes about failure that will inspire you

Overcoming failure is near impossible for some people. They don’t know what we know! Hopefully, this article is guiding you towards recognizing and overcoming failure.

Look at these five famous failure quotes and you can find inspiration in their words when failure comes knocking on your door.

1) “If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.” -Tallulah Bankhead

2) “Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds a man down or polishes him up depends on the stuff he’s made of.” -Bert Clark

3) “Every failure is a step to success.”-Juma Ikangaa

4) “If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced, but only by working.” -Vincent Van Gogh

5) “The only failure is not to try.”-Diana Nyad

Overcoming failure isn’t easy. It takes a lot of courage and determination, but it’s also necessary if you want to achieve your dreams.

How to pick yourself up after a failure

If your plans don’t work out what can you do to succeed? A time of reflection and introspection is a great way to look back at what has happened. If you don’t know why something failed, you will likely repeat the same mistakes.

Make a list of the decisions, thoughts, and actions that were unsuccessful or encountered resistance.

Has someone else already been there, seen it, and done it? Find out what they did to succeed. Ask questions. If you’re in a workplace environment, ask for guidance from your colleagues, managers, and mentors.

Remember that you have not failed. You’ve found a way how NOT to do something. That knowledge will be valuable later. You may not know it yet, but at some point in the future there will be the opportunity to guide someone. They may be younger or with less experience and you will have the chance to show them an easier way.

Inspiration for success

It is not failure itself that destroys us, but the failure to take action.

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton.

“So failure is nothing to you? … It seems like the only failure for a person lies in no longer trying to do something they had previously planned and promised themselves.” – Marcus Aurelius.

You can succeed by overcoming failures, setbacks and difficulties. Remember from a previous article that “Hindrance isn’t a contradiction to the path, it is the path.”

I recommend reading that blog post – it will reinforce everything I’ve said here.

And finally…

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  1. Matt,

    I do remember the HINDRANCE article.

    [it reminded me of a quote about obstacles and stepping stones from a British children’s author who is still popular around the world].

    And the Aurelius and Hilton quotes spoke to me. [I can say it spoke to me because I listened to your YouTube and the text-to-speech sounds more and more like *you* each time].

    Inertia can be a tricky and wicked thing [I mean wicked as in complicated; not wicked as in bad].


    1. Yes, the text to speech is a bit clunky.

      I’m using it because it doesn’t have the clicks, breaths, umms and and punctuation that is fiendishly difficult to remove after recording.

      I will have another attempt at using my own voice. I have to figure out how to improve and speed-up the editing process before I go live 🙂


      1. Visioning – your own voice!

        Also white noise is very tricky when it comes to editing.

        [And yet people make brown and pink noises as well!]

        I wonder how other people edit out their breaths and clicks [are the clicks made from another part of your body?]


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