Six Months to Live : It’s Not About the Destination, It’s About the Journey

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Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.

We’re all running around, living life to the fullest and not taking everything for granted, at least trying not to… When was the last time you thought about what it’d be like if you could only live every other moment? What if you were given six months to live? What would your life look like then? Would you appreciate so many things more than before?

Living with 6 Months to Live

Do I have six months? Six years? Six decades? I have no idea.

I am trying to live my life with an attitude of gratitude. Every moment I am not living, I try to thank life for the past and present and looking forward to the future – no matter how short, or long, it may be.

It means never dwelling on negatives in the past, only appreciating them for what they are; an experience that made me stronger, wiser, or happier than before. It also means enjoying every day with open eyes and a curious heart, simply because every next moment could just as well hold great opportunities to live out my dreams.

With limited time I would notice rainbows in unexpected places–everywhere if possible–and thank the world for blessing me with another marvel of nature. I might become more attuned to people’s energy around me so much so that conversations with strangers stop being a rare, awkward event. If I got the chance to meet another person with six months to live, we would help each other make each day a little bit better for the world around us. If it meant leaving a legacy of unconditional love and kindness behind, then that’s what I’d do.

To tell you frankly, my life is already like that now, but I can imagine it would be even more like this if my days were numbered.

Why It’s Not About the Destination

I do not consider myself alive unless I actively drink in each moment–eyes wide open and an ever-curious mind. The destination is never as important as the journey itself, which means every destination is meaningful and should be cherished.

Not only will every hour of the day be alive with celebration, but also forgiveness and love for all that I’ve done in each moment. No more regrets about times when things went wrong or decisions that made me weaker than before.

It’ll even mean not dwelling on painful memories of past mistakes because they only live on in the past and they cannot waste my time anymore.

Six months to live is not about age, it’s about time…and I want to spend my hours alive living with an open heart and mind.

The Things I’ve Learned In My Life So Far

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Life is comprised of many different things. I have good times, bad times, and even some in-between ones. But no matter what happens, I learn something from it.

There is always something new and wonderful to explore. It may be from the comfort of my chair, it may be from the summit of a high mountain, there is so much beauty in the world I have yet to discover…and once I’ve found it, I can never let go of it.

Anywhere is alive with possibilities. I need not visit a grand place or meet grand people to live a wonderful life, for I am alive already. Each day holds more than enough magic within itself.

When the bad moments occur, I know this. They do not last forever, no matter how distressing or painful they feel at the time. Each moment is alive in itself, the good ones are alive too, and they don’t last forever either.

This Too Shall Pass

Living in the now and living for the moment is what I must embrace. If living in the present and living each day to its fullest is the mantra that I must hold on to, then living under difficult circumstances will not be so dreadful.

I intend to live every moment to its fullest, even when it’s hard or hardly bearable.

Did you know the Buddhist concept of living in the present is called living a moment by moment existence? They do not live their life day-by-day, but rather every moment of every day.

They even have a quote to go along with living in the present: “When breathing out, breathe out completely. When breathing in, breathe in completely. If the breathing is not full, disease will arise.”

Buddhists look at living in the present as living a fulfilling life. I do love living in the now – living every moment to its fullest potential, but it’s easier said than done and yes, it does take practice.

Beautiful Pain & Painful Beauty

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These are all things I’ve found important to remember whenever times are tough or when I’m having a bad day. Life is very much alive and full of beauty if you stop to look around; even the most worrisome times have their benefits.

Living in the present is living every moment to its fullest potential. This means living with an open heart and mind, embracing challenges that make me stronger, living for today instead of dwelling on painful memories of past mistakes, and living in the present with the skills and knowledge that I have is enough for today.

I am learning new skills and knowledge that may be of use tomorrow.

In the future, I may find my body wracked by a terrible disease. I believe that because of the skills I’m learning now, I will be able to adjust to a different way of living. I will change to match my circumstances and I will have enjoyment, love, and gratitude.

Every challenge, every defeat, every rejection has made me stronger, more capable, and more alive.

I am determined to treat each day as though there is a countdown timer running, maybe it is six months; who knows? I will embrace every moment, good or bad.

I hope that you do too.

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Very true. We should enjoy the journey of life; we never know when the journey will end. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Diana!

      I’ve woken up with air in my lungs and my heart is still beating 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful post. I myself am trying to get into the same mindset, but I have a bunch of baggage I need to rid myself of first. Here’s to living each day as if it were our last (in a non cliche way)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Stuart! Thanks for visiting and for taking time to comment.

      Depending on the baggage, it depends on how we deal with it.

      Here’s an example of one of the things I dealt with.

      I had a lot of problems in letting go of my past. I had a huge list of grievances, resentments and frustrations towards my parents.

      I had to let it go. Instead of letting things seethe and eat away at my mind, I chose to forgive them for ALL of the things I perceived that they’d done wrong.

      I replaced my unmet expectations with the belief that they were trying to do the best they could with the skills and knowledge they had at that time.

      “Forgive, forgive, forgive” was my mantra.

      Then I forgave myself for every action that I did that caused harm to them, because I too, was acting only with the knowledge and abilities that I had at that time.

      I hope that you find your way to offload your burden.

      – Matt The Happy Human 🙂

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  3. Julia says:

    How different this world would be if we had the mindset that we only had six monthes to live. We would not be so focused on the present days activities as much as how do we treat others and make sure to forgive those that have wronged us, for if we do not forgive others God will not forgive us. ( Matthew 6:14,15). It would be a different world!!!! Perhaps just to live with this thought is the difference the world needs. Very good writing. Blessings Always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Julia! Thanks for adding to my post with that comment 🙂

      The signposts, guidance and suggestions are all around us. I think a lot of people have become disconnected from living a life of kindness, consideration and care towards others.

      When thoughts become actions, the world becomes a very different place.

      – Matt The Happy Human 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Julia says:

        It’s encouraging to see another noticing the disconnecting of so many. It’s as though some have forgotten God altogether. Many Blessings.

        Liked by 1 person

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