If you hear a voice within you saying you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.

Red Vineyard, Vincent van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh, also called Vincent Willem van Gogh, was a painter who lived in the late 1800s. He is most famous for his work Starry Night and Sunflowers as well as other pieces of artwork. One of the main reasons why he is so famous now is because he believed that you should never let anyone tell you what you can’t do. This quote is a perfect example of that sentiment. If you hear a voice within telling you that you can’t paint, then by all means paint! That voice will be silenced when your passion overwhelms their negativity.

Van Gogh said this after being at an asylum for medical treatment for depression and mental illness. He was not allowed to paint by doctors at the asylum, but he did so anyway. One of his paintings from that period is called “The Red Vineyard,” which was painted in Saint-Rémy in Provence in June 1889.

Van Gogh’s positive thinking is so inspiring because he really believed in his talent and passion. There were times when other people did not believe in him, but this only motivated him, even more, to prove everyone wrong! Even though Van Gogh was nearly impossible to please in terms of positive feedback, he was positive that his talent would be recognized one day.

The quote from Van Gogh is a message to everyone who has been told that they cannot do something by someone else. If you hear a voice within telling you that you can’t do something, then go and do it! That voice will be silenced when your positive thinking and positive actions overcome all of the negativity that other people try to put on you.

Van Gogh’s positive thinking is something that all of us can appreciate. If it weren’t for positive thinkers like him, then nobody would think about how they could make their dreams come true. Van Gogh was certainly one of those positive thinkers, and his positive thinking motivated him to paint until he died. He let his positive thoughts overcome all of the negativity that was thrown at him.

When you feel like nobody believes in you, then you need to turn that positive thinking into positive action. You should not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do, because this will only motivate you to prove them wrong! Do not give up on your positive thinking no matter what other people might say. Their negativity will be silenced because your positive attitude simply refuses to let go of the positive thoughts that you have for yourself.

Positive thought brings positive results.

Positive thinking does not apply to one specific area in life. It is positive thinking that equips us with the power to be who we want and overcomes any obstacles that happen along in our way, including negativity. Here are some positive phrases about positive thinking:

Positive thinking attracts positive people and positive events in our lives.

Positive thinking puts us in touch with something positive in life.

Positive thinking can show us the positive side of life when we’re not seeing one, particularly towards others who are negative towards us or when we feel negative about ourselves.

We can take positive action to make positive thinking a reality.

I am what I think about myself, and not what someone else says or thinks about me.

It is positive thinking that helps us believe in the reality of our dreams and goals and the positive power of positive people who encourage us to always seek positive actions.

Positive thinking is not positive results, but positive starts that lead up to positive results that last a lifetime.

Positive thinking creates positive feelings and positive emotions that motivate and inspire us to take positive steps in life.

Negative thoughts are like weeds; positive thoughts are like flowers.

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

Negative thinking takes over our mind and actions, both deliberately or inadvertently, but positive thinking can overcome negative people and positive actions can lead to positive results.

You don’t need to know the beginning to understand how it ends.

You do not need to know all of the answers at the beginning. The biggest challenge is to be willing to start, to turn that willingness into action, and then to keep going even when there are setbacks, delays, and frustrations.

You can never let any negative thought or feeling overcome you in a way that prevents you from moving forward with courage.

You should be proud of yourself! You have to remember that you’re a great person and no one can change that.

You are capable of anything you want if you overcome all the negative people and feelings that hold you back.

To overcome these fears, we must find personal strength in our desire for things which are good and right. We overcome these afflictions with joy at their departure

Finding personal strength is the key to overcoming reluctance and fear. If we feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts, it is important to overcome these thoughts by finding strength in things that are good and right.

Believe in yourself so fiercely that the naysayers can’t ignore your flame

The world is full of negative people. Some have overcome their problems and want to help others, but many enjoy being miserable and bringing other people down with them. It can be hard not to let the naysayers get to you. But you owe it to yourself to ignore them so fiercely that they can’t ignore your flame because you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.

If someone has a negative opinion about you, it is their problem, not yours!

It is always better to want something you cannot have than to have something you don’t want

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

Humans are the only creatures that have desires. It is our nature to always want something more, whether it be a better life or a faster mode of transportation. For thousands of years, everyone has wanted one thing which was impossible to achieve – their heart’s desire.

Every day people are overcome by negative thoughts which make them believe that there’s no point. There is always a point. There is always a reason to aim for a goal.

Fear can be overcome by feeling confident in yourself

Many people overcome negativity by focussing on their capabilities. It is important to never allow yourself to feel inferior and at the same time, not to feel superior to others. Confidence should be tempered with humility otherwise it will lead to arrogance.

“Find the joy in every day.”

When you focus on all of the great things you have going for you, you can overcome negativity. You should find joy in every day that you wake up and consider yourself lucky to have another chance.

One must overcome the fear of being thought sentimental to live a life of love.

Never fear being labeled as ‘sentimental’ when it comes to love. It is one of the greatest feelings. Love enables us to feel capable, empowered, and able to share our experiences with others.

There is nothing more powerful than the human spirit – one of love, endurance, and tenacity

Love is the most powerful thing in the world. There are many times when you overcome negativity through love. Love can overcome any challenge, it is the driving force behind endurance and tenacity. Love is the true power.

The human spirit will overcome every challenge, no matter how big or small

The human spirit is capable of achieving anything. I truly believe that few problems in this world will overcome us if we try hard enough. It doesn’t matter how big or small a problem is, overcome it and you overcome negativity. You are the brightest light in your life. You have it within you to be happy, loving, successful, and kind.

You can do this. Go do it. Be more Vincent!

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  1. what an inspiring post! i love – Positive thought brings positive results – quote!!!! Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to post a comment 🙂

    Every day is the opportunity to be happy. It’s up to me to make the most of the chances that life gives me.

    All the best,

    Matt The Happy Human 🙂


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