How can I feel better at work?

8 Ways to Be Happier at Work

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If work is starting to feel like a drag, it might be time for you to change your work environment or work habits. There are many ways in which you can start to find happiness at work again.

In this post, we will discuss eight tips that can help you with finding happiness in the office.

1 Look at the positives of working. Feel happy about going to work.

Is it your colleagues? Maybe it’s a sense of achievement and providing a service to others?

Make sure that you focus on those things rather than what is stressing you out or making work less enjoyable. Remind yourself why work exists for people and there’s nothing wrong with wanting money! Practice gratitude! Be grateful for what you’ve got.

If there is not much variety in your workday, take some time every day just to think about what makes it fun for you and write those things down so they stay top of mind throughout the week. Employees spend, on average, nine hours a day at work, so making work more fun is an important factor in happiness.

You can also try working from home if possible or work remotely one day out of the week. This way you get to work alone without having to deal with office politics and other people’s negative energy!

If we feel positive about working in a friendly environment, our mental health and well being improve too. Positive emotions turn unhappy people into people that feel passionate about work.

2 Create an Environment that Celebrates Happiness

Studies have shown how well employees perform when their managers create environments that encourage positive interactions between co-workers as well as themselves! This might mean spending money on snacks or If you want your employees to be productive, the best thing that can happen for them is a good old-fashioned “mortem.” Having an after-hours gathering of friends and family might help keep their morale high even while they’re working on tough projects. The key here? Hosting happy hour instead!

3 Set Boundaries with Coworkers

Make sure everyone knows where he stands concerning inappropriate behavior–no one should feel left out because someone else has special work relationships with others.

If your office culture is very relaxed and it’s easy to be friends with everyone, try not getting involved in work talk among colleagues after work hours. You can develop friendships but choose who you want to confide in or share personal information about yourself. Develop good habits about listening, spend time being a good friend and although you may not be able to help, they will have unburdened themselves of a great worry or concern.

4 Take Vacations / Holidays, whatever your flavour of English calls them.

If work is getting you down, take a vacation to clear your head! If work is too busy or you can’t afford one right now, plan out future vacations for yourself. This will help keep the balance between work and play in check. Human resources will be aware of your annual leave entitlement. There may be a “use or it lose it” clause in your contract. If you can hold off on taking leave, that’s great, as long as you can add it to next year’s entitlement.

5 Show an interest in your colleagues

As humans, we work better when we work as a team. You can encourage office teamwork by showing interest in your colleagues and asking questions about them to get to know them better. People feel satisfied when they’re working together. Work is not the start and end of our day. Ask about outside interests and hobbies to show you care.

You can also work with your colleagues to make work a better place for everyone! Employee engagement goes beyond solving a problem, packing a warehouse, or running Harvard Medical School. Personal relationships have a profound impact in the work space.

Ask if they have any family members who work in the same company as them. This way you can get to know more people at work and feel a greater sense of employee happiness.

6 Learn to work with your Boss

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Everyone has difficult work relationships, but learning how to work well with you manager will benefit both of you in the long run. If necessary try taking an online course about working better under pressure or while dealing with people who are different than yourself. Personal and professional development are the keys to our growth. Working with human resources to overcome gaps in professional development will boost our own growth and that of the boss.

If the boss is supported with positive employees, the outcome will be a happy life and happy people at work.

On the other hand… If your boss is the root of all problems in your workplace, it may be time to start looking for another job or even consider putting together an exit plan. Workplace happiness involves accepting that not everyone you meet can make you happy. Negative people exist, but there is always a choice on how you work with them. Including the choice not to work with them at all.

Negative people love negative conversations. You do not have to be sucked into their pit of misery. Stay happy, don’t let them take away from who you are and your personal happiness.

7 Be open about what you enjoy and honest about what you don’t like

If work is feeling like a drag, you can either lie about it or be honest. Honesty will always work better in the long run, it doesn’t pay to work in a job that really isn’t for you, especially when work stress causes other parts of your life to suffer.

This might mean asking yourself why work has become such a drag and working on those issues with the help of friends or family members who support you emotionally.

You may need specific and meaningful help to improve your overall job satisfaction

If work has turned into an unbearable situation, it may be time to look for work elsewhere. Negative people, negative conversations are

The work environment is one of the largest factors in job satisfaction, so if work has started to become jaded, or no longer holds interest and there doesn’t seem to be any hope for improvement it may just not be worth staying with that company anymore. If your personal and professional development has stalled, it’s worth looking elsewhere for a new job. Make a to do list if you’re thinking about leaving for newer, greener pastures.

8 Ask family and friends for work advice

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Sometimes work problems are so difficult to solve that they need the help of friends and family members who can give you some unbiased feedback. Sometimes talking with loved ones is enough to work out a solution. Make sure that you ask for specific and meaningful help. Having a rant about a bad day in the office will not solve anything. A good friend wants the best for you.

Employees spend too much time being unhappy. Do what makes YOU happy as long as the decision doesn’t negatively affect others. If you’re starting a new job or navigating your way towards retirement, you will feel happier if you put into action the 8 ways in this article. Changing our mindset with some positive psychology will make us happier at work and it will also have a profound impact outside of the office.

How do you find happiness at work? Do any of these tips work for you? Tell us what has worked in the comments and if you’re new here, subscribe using the form, below!

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