A top ten list for living a happy life! Long term happiness is here!

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10. Never pass up an opportunity to laugh or smile.

There are so many reasons to live a happy life, but sometimes it can be difficult. We all have moments where we feel down and out because of the circumstances in our lives. It’s these times that we need to take a step back and evaluate what is truly important in our lives. When you’re feeling down, there’s no better remedy than laughter or smiling! You may not always be able to find happiness on your own, but if you reach out for it with both hands (and smile) chances are you’ll get it back twice as strong and that will build our own happiness and create a happy life.

9. Stop worrying over things you cannot change because there are probably 100 other things you are not worrying about that are worse- trust me, I know!

The old saying “you cannot change the past” is true. Once something has happened, it’s done and there’s nothing you can do to change that fact. Persistent negative emotions do more harm than good. The good news is that if you’re unhappy about something in your life, there are probably 100 other things you should be happy about instead of worrying over this one thing which will only make everything worse for both yourself and those around you.

8. Spend time with close friends and family because they will be around when everything else goes wrong.

Life is a roller coaster. You will have ups and downs, but it’s important to spend time with the people who make you happy. There are many things that can happen in life, but your friends and family will always be there for you when everything falls apart. The saying “it takes a village” is true because without them we would not survive on this Earth. We humans are social beings. A great trick to leading a happy life is to take some time out of your day and make it your mission to spending quality time with with someone who cares about you and you’ll build a happier life and a bright future.

7. Be aware of the fact that things happen in life for a reason and you will certainly learn from your mistakes if you pay attention to them.

The reality is, life isn’t always going to be a bed of roses. You will have your ups and downs that are out of your control. Developing strong coping skills that will not only help you deal, but let you learn from those mistakes is key to living a happy life. The saying “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” holds true because it’s those mistakes that we learn from and help ourselves grow as an individual. However, what you do have the power to change is how you react to these situations and surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and positive things will improve your own life.

6. Accept all challenges and face them with courage because every person has times where they feel like giving up, which is okay- just keep trying and always think of the end result!

Life is full of challenges and every person has times when they feel like giving up. But, there’s no point in letting those times define you. Instead, accept all challenges and face them with courage because we all have the power to overcome anything! Find words and phrases that can bolster your well being. Referring to a list of positive mantra in your own words will help to push you forward.

Photo by Wayne Fotografias on Pexels.com

5. Do not hold grudges or let them build up because it is taking away from the time you could be spending making memories with people you care about and who care about you.

Do not hold grudges or let them build up because it is taking away from the time you could be spending with loved ones. The power of positive thinking is incredible. Holding a grudge will only make you feel more negative and that does not help anyone in any way, shape or form. You are also letting your anger take over your life which just leads to unhappiness. Remember, even if someone did something wrong to you, they may have had their own problems going on at the same time so don’t forget about that!

4. Always try to keep an open mind and make sure you are paying attention to what goes on around you and other people’s feelings because you will never know the difference it might make to other people around you.

You might not be the happiest person right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to find ways to make your life better. You just need to take a step back and really think about what’s going on in your life. There are so many great things happening all around you and there will always be something new coming up next! Keep an open mind and be attentive. Life is too short for negativity and negative emotions.

3. If you are having a bad day, just remember that someone else is probably having an even worse one- so be kind even when you are feeling down!

You are not the only one who is having a bad day. Someone else is probably feeling just as terrible as you are right now. This blog post aims to remind you that there’s always someone worse off than yourself, and it’s important to be grateful for what we do have in our lives. We may all experience the same types of problems, but we each have a different way of handling them – some people will find themselves at their lowest point while others will rise up from the ashes like a phoenix. No matter how many obstacles life throws your way, don’t give up hope because those troubles won’t last forever!

Photo by Roman Carey on Pexels.com

2. Help others out because there is always someone who needs your help more than you do.

I was feeling a little down today and I started to think about all the people who could use my help more than me. There are so many people out there that need to know they’re not alone, or need someone to talk with them when they’re going through a tough time. It’s easy for us as humans to forget what other people might be going through because we don’t live their life. We can only speak from our own experiences and offer advice on how we’ve dealt with situations in the past. Having the self confidence to share our past and our experiences really does help others. If you find yourself feeling like no one cares about your problems, please remember there is always someone who needs your help way more than you do!

and finally…

1. Take time for yourself because you are the only person on this planet who is 100% honest with you all of the time- never lie to yourself! You are more important than anything else in your life, so make sure that you are always happy first before helping others out.

It is important to take time for yourself because you are the only person on this planet who is 100% in charge of your life. Reduce stress by taking a walk, connecting with the natural world, taking part in meditation, or simply sitting and doing nothing; learn to relax and take deep breaths. You should never lie to yourself because the truth is important! Everyone has flaws and that’s natural but you should always try to improve on. You deserve some “me” time, so why not start by taking a few minutes out of your day to do something that makes you happy and will increase your long term happiness.

Exercise so that good health becomes part of you. Walking more steps, doing more pushups and making tasty meals so that you eat healthy food will improve physical health and that will lead to a happier life.

The best way to live a happy life is by following these ten simple steps. You can be more optimistic, you can take care of yourself and your loved ones better, and you will feel like the luckiest person in the world. All it takes is some time and dedication!

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