Podcast – How to change your attitude for the better

Hi! For those of you that prefer to listen, rather than read, here’s the audio podcast of today’s article. Anchor FM: https://anchor.fm/thishappyhuman/episodes/How-to-change-your-attitude-for-the-better-e1e3o5o And on YouTube:

Podcast – We can do no great things, only small things with great love

Here’s the audio podcast of today’s blog. It took several takes to record it today. I think I might be feeling the effects of fasting while I try to lose a bit of weight! Let me know what you think! On anchor.fm: https://anchor.fm/thishappyhuman/episodes/We-can-do-no-great-things–only-small-things-with-great-love-e1crsme On YouTube:

Podcast – Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Here’s the audio podcast of today’s blog. I’m trying something new today. Instead of using the text-to-speech software, I’m using my own voice! Here’s the opportunity to hear me make my first attempts to record myself speaking my own words! Let me know what you think! On anchor.fm: https://anchor.fm/thishappyhuman/episodes/Dont-cry-because-its-over–smile-because-it-happened-e1cog8v And on YouTube:

Podcast – Failure is impossible

Here’s the audio podcast of today’s blog. Thankfully, my back isn’t too bad this morning and my ability to concentrate is greatly improved. On anchor.fm: https://anchor.fm/thishappyhuman/episodes/Failure-is-impossible-e1ckls6 And on YouTube: