I don’t always know where I’m going. I do end up where I need to be.

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Hello! It’s been a while since I posted here. I’m in the middle of a training course and I’ve found that learning often puts creativity on the back burner for a while.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Taking on board new knowledge requires a change in my way of thinking.

My brain is like a sponge. Sometimes it is soaking up new ideas and is learning and sometimes it is being squeezed and the ideas and thoughts flow out onto this website.

At the moment I need to call upon my willingness to be teachable. Three weeks ago I didn’t know that I’d be in this situation. It is, however, where I need to be.

I believe that as one door closes, another one opens. I don’t know when it will happen. I do know that I have the choice to stay where I am or to step thorough and see what’s on the other side of the portal.

I’ve been walking through a lot of open doors in the past two years. Some of them led to rooms that brought some pain.

That pain was growth. It was old ideas and old behaviours being observed, examined and in a lot of cases, discarded.

The old ways made room for new ideas, concepts and actions.

I didn’t want to go through that process. It hurt at times. It wasn’t a place I wanted to be. It was a place that I needed to be.

Why did I step through the door? Other people had already done it.

They went before me. They left behind what I shall call ‘signposts’. They told me that relinquishing the past would create space for a happier and more contented future. Of course, I didn’t believe them at first. I was fearful of change.

Earlier today I did something that two years ago would have filled me with dread and anxiety.

Now, I often get asked to do that thing and I do not fear it.

Isn’t that wonderful!?

I can do something I wasn’t willing to do and I do it with a sense of happiness and joy. I am happy to be asked to do that task.

I keep growing. I keep moving forward. I keep learning and I keeping doing.

The past two years have been a journey of incredible change. I didn’t know where I was heading. I have faith in others that have been there, seen it and do e it. I trust them and my faith in them is being repaid in ways that I’d never thought possible.

I am no longer fearful.

I hope that you overcome your fears through willingness to change and action to change too.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being with me on this journey. Don’t forget to leave comments, follow thishappyhuman on twitter and make sure to follow this blog.

Love to you all!

Matt The Happy Human 🙂

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